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I apologize for all these shitty animations... this is a really old account and I've gotten much better now. I mostly operate on YouTube as Lulu Luvscats, so go check me out there :P

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Posted by eithmableura12 - August 21st, 2011

Hey guys it's Lulu, and I'm back to Newgrounds and stuff.

I've cheered up a bit from the XJ9 hentai thingy and the hate-mail post I wrote, because you people keep sending me messages. It really means a whole lot, guys :)

So anyway, I was just digging through my old first-grade creations, and I found a few stories I had written in my spare time. Wow, I was one retarded kid. I apparently was at an age where I couldn't understand a story unless every last detail was written down. Here's an example:

"Sophie thought about peering out of the window to see if the fairies had come out yet. She rolled over, sat up on her bed and put her feet on the floor. Then Sophina pulled the covers off herself, smoothed them on her bed neatly, and tiptoed to the window. Moonlight shone through it."

BTW, the girl's name is Sophina and I don't know why I called her Sophie. Maybe I was trying to rip off the BFG or something. Anyway, I had a thing with fairies and magic stuff back then, so of course I wrote stories about fairies and magic stuff whenever I got the chance. I would also copy other famous books, like Matilda and Peter Pan and stuff like that.

Did Sophina REALLY have to go through all the trouble of rolling over, then sitting up and putting her feet on the floor without getting out from under the covers, THEN take them off and smoothe them down? Maybe she's a clean freak or something.

I must have thought I was sooooo clever by adding the sentence "Moonlight shone through it." Apparently describing things vividly like this elaborate sentence enhances the appraising reviews you would achieve from readers. (That entire sentence is based on the fact that just because you use a lot of big-ass words, it doesn't necessarily make the story any better.)

Anyway you're probably bored of listening to my rantings so I will end this off right now. I will see you guys latah.


Posted by eithmableura12 - June 20th, 2011

I've been getting some comments on my videos saying that I suck at animating and shouldn't animate again for the rest of my life.

I don't deserve this. I'm just a kid. I grew up with people who don't know squid about animating, and even some professional animators kinda like what I do. I think the problem is, I haven't been animating GOOD stuff lately. I haven't put much effort into the ones I post up here. I think it's also because I can't draw with a mouse as good as I can with a pencil. Maybe I should get a tablet or something.

I post things to enjoy myself. I'm not trying to be the next Egoraptor, but I'm not trying to be the next... the worst animator on NG. Still, I try. That doesn't give anyone the right to hate on me. I can just block you if you have anything bad to say to me, you know.


Posted by eithmableura12 - April 4th, 2011

I've been working on a game called Soul Sphere RPG recently. It's going really well, except I'm stuck on how to make the Flash go to the next frame when you walk into something. Once that's worked out, it should be a matter of time before I finish about 9% of the game. (although that may be an exaggeration.)

I've learned a few new tricks and stuff, like how to put background music in the game. I'm using that technique in my new REMIXED Ouran High School Parody, since I got a lot of... hurtful reviews on the last one. But for those of you who liked the crappy first draft, I'm gonna keep it up and put a button in the remixed version that will hopefully link you to it.

Another animation is on its way. It's also a music video, only I've used a few of my Rainbow Prism characters (from Los Colores) and tweaked their features to fit their personality more. There's also a new indigo girl that I never released to the public, because Los Colores never MENTIONED indigo. (>:()

Thanks to a fellow Newgroundsperson, I was able to figure out how to make the audio in my Flashes sound more high-quality.

Pokemon is AWESOME!!! I love Chikorita!!!

I just had to say that, didn't I? XD


Posted by eithmableura12 - February 5th, 2011

The Mother 3 Teaser/Trailer is ALMOST DONE! I put in a little extra effort into the Flash tonight, so I've almost got all the scenes down. Once I got the general idea of each scene, I took a break and switched to another. I've practically memorised the music and the scenes from testing the movie so many times!!!

Anyway, you Earthbound/Mother fans are gonna LOVE this one. I hope you will enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed FINISHING IT! :)

Posted by eithmableura12 - January 26th, 2011

Hi Newgroundspeople, I'm back. I'm working on a new post, it's also very crappily animated, but I sorta based it off the kind of animation Brawl Taunts has, except with slightly better lip-synching and motion tweens. So there's that.
I might decide to upload this trailer for a fan-animated MOTHER 3/EARTHBOUND 2 FULL-LENGTH MOVIE I've been workin on recently. Once you see this animation, you'll definately want to either a) check out the video game or b) watch my other videos to see if they're as good as this. The game was never released in the US, which really sucks, but luckily there's a fan translation floating around somewhere in the intertubes... it's THE BEST GAME EVER HANDSDOWN and if you don't agree wartch the game first. Chuggaaconroy of YouTube has a full-length walkthrough of it, so I hope you like commentary on video game clips.
Anyway, this movie I'm making is gonna be my greatest animated work EVER. I'm gonna work on it till it's PERFECT...or until I get lazy and take a vacation. Am I the only animator in the world that actually gets sick of animating after a while???XD
Anyway keep your eyes open for the trailer and eventually, the teaser (and still eventually, part one of the movie itself). This is a BIG-ASS project, so don't expect the movie to be out in like the next month or two.

~Lulu (my nickname, btw)