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I've always admired this series, and I figured it would have an epic conclusion (if that's really what this is). I was actually coming onto Newgrounds to look up some old Eddsworld stuff again, ironically, and I happened to find this XD I loved all the references to all the older Eddsworld episodes, and the animation was brilliant. I don't remember Tord ever having an accent though, but maybe it's just because I haven't seen an Eddsworld episode in so long... you know what, you guys did a damn awesome job on this, and I don't feel like I can stress that enough. :)

Okay, so when I first started watching this video, I had NO idea what to expect. I'd never seen the original series, so I don't even know what inspired me to click this. I figured, "Hey, it got on the front page, and it's going to be a series, so why the heck not?"

And then I saw the Sonic characters. I was like, "What the hell?! Is this some sort of crossover fanfiction? Why would Sonic characters even be IN a Mario series?" That kind of annoyed me a little, but I decided to keep watching anyway, because the animation was absolutely beautiful.

When the episode actually started, I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't any voice acting. I realize that would have made this an even bigger project, and it would have taken even longer, so I can forgive the lack of voices. I still think having voice acting would be pretty cool, but I'm willing to put up with reading text for now.

As the episode went on, I realized what an absolute gem this was. The animation contains probably the best sprite work I've ever seen, with smooth movements and real nice cinematography. Also, I found the silly slapstick humor to be quite enjoyable, and I even got a laugh out of it occasionally. The action sequences were brilliantly put together, and each action flowed nicely into each other. I'm not normally a fan of long fight scenes, but I couldn't stop watching because of the awesome animation, plus I really wanted to see what would happen next.

I thought that each character was written really well; everyone acts the way I'd expect them to. At first I thought Luigi was way too cowardly, but then when he tried to sacrifice himself for Mario, I actually felt SAD. And I don't normally cry over stuff like that! Maybe it was the music? By the way, the music was also really nice. I have to give you props for using Undertale music XD

All in all, this was WAY better than I thought it was going to be, and I'm so glad I watched this. I can't wait for the next episode-- heck, I might as well watch the original now. You've officially impressed me.


"I NEED TO EAT. I NEED TO EAT... TO LIVE!" XD I think this is my favorite video of yours of all time ^w^

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I would give this game a 5/5, but there are some glitches, the more annoying of which is the fact that my save file doesn't work the way it's supposed to. I saved after I'd made a whole bunch of progress, and then when I reloaded the page, it loaded me up several minutes BEFORE I'd saved. Basically, I had lost a ton of progress for no reason, and it's really frustrating since I'm legitimately enjoying this game. The other glitch is that I keep falling through bridges, but that's not too bad as you respawn with nothing lost. All in all, please fix the saving bug so I can play this game without losing progress! :)

I like this game, but I do have one small problem. Sometimes I'll get to the end, having collected all the bones, and yet it still tells me I haven't passed the level. I'm assuming you need to bypass the cats/fire hydrants in a certain way while getting all the bones at the same time, but it's hard to figure out exactly how to do so. Do I have to use up every single move or else it doesn't work? That seems to be how it works, but I wish I'd known that sooner. It could be my fault; I may have missed some info, but still, it's a fun game with adorable visuals. :)

cccmccc responds:

Hello! thanks for playing! yes, you have to finish each level with exactly 0 moves left. I understand this was not communicated as clearly as i thought! :(( But i appreciate your feedback and kind words a lot, thanks!

I'll be honest here; I think this is a very interesting concept. However, the execution is rather poor. There is no reward for making the right choices on either side, and the right choices on the test can sometimes kill you in the RPG side and vice versa. However, this is pretty good for a game made in 48 hours. I think it has a lot of potential. Maybe a more refined version can be released in the future?

Foolmoron responds:

Yeah the goal is pretty basic, trying to balance gaining a lot of gold while also scoring a high grade on the test. We just wanted to see if we could make this crazy, contradictory concept actually playable in 48 hours. Thanks for the feedback!

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LOL I loved this trumpet loop too!

I'm gonna miss these submissions :( I'll enjoy them while I still can


Awesome theme!!! I like how you put the GameBoy Music in, and then transitioned it into ear-bleeding heavy metal. I'm partial to the Dragonite crys, mostly because I haven't heard its cry in so long that I barely knew what it sounds like, but I remember those freakin' Dragonite!!! Does he HAVE to have THREE of them?!?!

I only beat Lance 2 times in my entire life. Both times were a few of the most epic moments of my life. This guy kicked my ass with 3 Dragonite, a Charizard, a Gyarados, and an Aerodactyl many a time... He robbed me of all my money and items, though I didn't even get to use most of them because he destroyed all my Pokemon too fast for me even to SEE. And now that I've finally beat him, Red has taken his place.

Ho-Oh and Lugia are the ones I must thank, as well as Poliwrath, Hypno, Electrode, Gyarados, and of course my beloved Meganium... man, we've been through so much.

The BEST SONG in the whole FRICKIN GAME!!!

When you leave my colors fade to gray, NUMA NUMA YAY, NUMA NUMA NUMA YAY!

Words cannot describe how frickin awesome this song is. I always end up singing Numa Numa when I hear this song. It makes even a dry, rather boring place like the Kitten Kingdom ruins a bit less dry and boring. Add this song to ANYTHING, even, and voila, you have the most epic thing in the world.

Keep it up! LOVE THE MUSIC!!

I apologize for all these shitty animations... this is a really old account and I've gotten much better now. I mostly operate on YouTube as Lulu Luvscats, so go check me out there :P

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