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LOL I loved this trumpet loop too!

I'm gonna miss these submissions :( I'll enjoy them while I still can


Awesome theme!!! I like how you put the GameBoy Music in, and then transitioned it into ear-bleeding heavy metal. I'm partial to the Dragonite crys, mostly because I haven't heard its cry in so long that I barely knew what it sounds like, but I remember those freakin' Dragonite!!! Does he HAVE to have THREE of them?!?!

I only beat Lance 2 times in my entire life. Both times were a few of the most epic moments of my life. This guy kicked my ass with 3 Dragonite, a Charizard, a Gyarados, and an Aerodactyl many a time... He robbed me of all my money and items, though I didn't even get to use most of them because he destroyed all my Pokemon too fast for me even to SEE. And now that I've finally beat him, Red has taken his place.

Ho-Oh and Lugia are the ones I must thank, as well as Poliwrath, Hypno, Electrode, Gyarados, and of course my beloved Meganium... man, we've been through so much.

The BEST SONG in the whole FRICKIN GAME!!!

When you leave my colors fade to gray, NUMA NUMA YAY, NUMA NUMA NUMA YAY!

Words cannot describe how frickin awesome this song is. I always end up singing Numa Numa when I hear this song. It makes even a dry, rather boring place like the Kitten Kingdom ruins a bit less dry and boring. Add this song to ANYTHING, even, and voila, you have the most epic thing in the world.

Keep it up! LOVE THE MUSIC!!

This is the only thing in the desert that I like.

I-I-I'm your little butterfly, green black and blue colors in the sky!

I always play this song on the bells while I'm practicing percussion, maybe I'll post me trying to play this! I always think of Butterfree when I play this for some reason...

I apologize for all these shitty animations... this is a really old account and I've gotten much better now. I mostly operate on YouTube as Lulu Luvscats, so go check me out there :P

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